Using the universe for everything:

Video about how to manifest in a very simple way, no guru, not following expensive training. Just using what’s out there. Karma and counterforce. About other starsystems.


Absent parents and christmas

It’s ok to not being with your parents for the holidays if you can’t emotionally. Not everybody CAN yet, or even maybe never in this lifetime. It is perfectly normal parental absence is a healing process for us now. That it even covers more than only one lifetime. That you are not yet ready to see the complete picture of your father and mother(or one of them) – the good, the bad and the ugly. Finding yourself in a healing process or you might starting up one.

absent parents

Forgiving can play aswel at a distance while you are freeing yourself of every bit of freedom that has been taken from you. In that case, as with me, you probably don’t have the luxury of letting your parent(s) know about your grieve or pain as they are not able to deal with you being broken. Any answer would bring you more upset! They would of done it otherwise with you at the first place if they would be able to do it now. They(or one of your parents) are still processing their own pain coming from their own absent parent(s) in one way or another. And you must protect yourself here, you are no longer in position to take on a role as a parent yourself to them, trying to ease their pain. Decide to stop doing that!

What important is here is that you try to feel what it is to feel more and more free on a deeper level by stopping to find approval in one way or another. This process might feel it’s unfair cause so much hard work goes in to it…well see it that way…

“There must of bin a reason for the impact you went through! A void inside of you to fill up with a much higher way of thinking, seeing things just as you do see clear on the world’s lack, indeed much closer than everybody else. Even to the point you feel lonely by it. Do you feel where I am pointing at?”

So your task…I must say your ‘divine life purpose’ here is to embrace what’s behind all of this. To do some research on the fact why you were confronted with hurt instead of being just simply being happy. Instead you might have experiencing sexual abuse or any other heavy load to carry. Or you are at the point there is a chance you can’t figured out excactly what’s wrong with you.

From my own experience I like to share that throughout searching for the love of my parents I got to realize I was searching in an empty space, untilI I started to embrace the fact it’s not going to change. It’s empty!

So what is there to find if I keep forgetting my own emptyness? EVERYTHING.

I realized at the time I was so empty! Depression it was called. So what will fill me up by my own undertaking? I started to question myself. And here an even longer process started to grow inside of me. A state of being not knowing how to built on a soul(mine) that wasn’t shown how to receive love in the first place. My parents were absent; narcistic father and sexually abused mother(I figured out much later). I could only give love cause that is what I desperately did to gain the love of my parents.

I did start to realize, after a long and tough time of survival, there must be something behind the fact of ‘just being empty’! Realizing and thinking, maybe feeling the moments of me ‘just being’. What did happen there that was alive?


Well I discovered that actually every value was genuine; fantasy, intuition, anger, …. So I accepted that as my truth(although in the beginning I didn’t believe I could start to respect it, was the only me who was there). And eventually I started to share it with the world, like I do now. At first with pain scared of receiving negative reactions, but after a while I just couldn’t care for the outside enfluence. I realised that there has never been someone, but me. That f.e. the illusion of disparately meeting that one love to love you unconditionally is a myth if you do not consider yourself as a part of it. That’s nice if it happens, but as a soul you are there with yourself, no matter how hard you try to push that away.

I guess everyone has his or her karmic impact to overcome, to see what’s left once you deeply accept your soul, daring to go there and uncover it’s layers.

Whether you even must transgend or you must change the way you have become to become who you really are on a soul level…

I guess parental absence had it’s reason to be in a very profound way!! And we can never go as deep in judging another being as he or she can do for him/herself. Let’s hope no one is judging theirselves!! That is the greatest magic trick to survive a life born out of pain. To finally revive and re-invent yourself to the being that is ever changing. Knowing that the saying; ‘I am who I am’,  is not a valid answer.


copyright photos
– Photo 1 by Brittany Simuangco on Unsplash
– Photo 2 by elizabeth lies on Unsplash



HOLY ISLE — Part 2

Here it is, the Holy Isle final report – PART 2

What is it? A little reminder

It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’) and Lightworkers that I know wanting to join these meditations. If you feel to join this secret FB-group, pls. send me a PM on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/michele.quaegebeur.9 ).

In the first place it were the horses I am seeing as a horse whisperer who called me to go to Scotland, to Holy Isle. To actually fix and open an important vortex for the animals so they can get back to their authentic power on earth and above. So everybody who felt to come along to join in from a distance, while I was in Scotland, could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to learn to work with them through the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them.

But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter of first fixing something that was requested by the Angelic realm. So a deeper insight in to the situation was a priority.

At that point my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ together to join the callings of the higher realms just the two of us. That way we were able to repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Fhelyai! The last was strangely enough unusual! As I alwals thought the Angels didn’t have any issues to break through a situation. AE did need our commitment to fix an eartly energy power place. That wasvery interesting.

To go to PART 1: HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Photo’s Part two:


An empty island

Right now, back in Holland, I have started my healings together with Archangel Fhelyai and enjoying to start knowing and working with this Archangel. He came along within our energy since the meditation held on Holy Island.

I must say His ‘RENEWED’ energy!

What happened after connecting with the island through the crystal grid?!

When I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as empty. But once the leyline*(see info below) was picked up by the crystal grid Angels must of formed the connection that made the island change from dusky to sunny. The sky above cleared out and we could feel Archangel Fhelyai answering with the following message;

‘I was banned from my refuse’; AE Fhelyai said. The only spot on the island that was inhabited was a buddhist center. Bart felt the energy of the buddhist center wasn’t resonating with the energy of AE Fhelyai’s energy and the island’s energy.

After that Holy Island responded as if it was released and relieved, we saw the AE taking back His place slowly. After waiting for this process to be done we started to feel a re-connected and re-newed energy. We could slowly take away our grid, but we felt we must find a space for thanking this very special and powerful achievement. So we walked on along the water and have put a little peace-stone-construction(see photo below) as we were filled with joy and happiness. WE COULD FEEL THE ANIMAL KINGDOM GETTING BACK THEIR POWER! AND THAT IS WHAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN!

Although our work is only the beginning of saving lots of animals and especially the animal-people connection. To restore it! Animals at the moment do understand people more and better than people do understand the animals.


(*More about Leylines go to: Ley lines )

And the magic of it all was when we were surprised by a swan-family. I have never seen in my life and animal making a bow. But these swans did…they were thanking us for our work and in a fact in name of the whole animal kingdom. I didn’t know what to do with my happiness…I just simply received it all! Click on picture too read more:

Swans making a bow Swans giving thanks, sharing joy(PURE LOVE)

An animal’s power of goodby



Question to the universe:

”Is the petition I am currently holding(New rules Equestrian Sports) still a strong factor I must derive my attention to? Or may I pass on completely to the higher Light to achieve everything much faster and steadier?”



HOLY ISLE — Part 1

Here it is, the Holy Isle report !!!

It is 24 th of September and I am more than one week home from Scotland. It all started as an invited meditation that I announced as an Event on my secret group(‘Help needed for our Unicorns on Earth’). If you feel to join this group, pls. send me a PM on facebook(https://www.facebook.com/michele.quaegebeur.9 ).

So everybody who felt to come along to join in at a distance while I was in Scotland could join. The intention of the meditation was for everyone to receive an initiation in communicating more clearly with animals(domesticated and wild), to actually learn to work by with the angelic energy of Archangel Phelyai. An Archangel that is occupied to protect the animals and to heal them. But when I tuned in more and more, still in Holland, to Holy Isle (away from the coast of the stunning Isle of Arran) I felt there was something wrong. So doing it in a through a group setting from a distance didn’t match anymore. It was a matter to fix something that was requested, a deeper insight in to the situation was priority. So my husband and me decided to set up a ‘manifestation’ to join the callings of the higher realms. To repair the island’s energy and that of Archangel Phelyai! The last was strangely enough!

From today on I will be sharing once a week the process it took to go over there, to observe and to take action. I’m keeping it that way even a little excited by sharing it part by part, photo by photo. That’s the way I feel doing it. Even though I have done the manifestion over a periode of 4 hours on a sunny day, at once.

Photo’s Part One:

paarden schotland

I am actually right now enjoying to start knowing and working with the energy of Archangel Phelyai that came along within our energy since the meditation held over there(that’s why I could not immediately start to share it here).

I must say His RENEWED energy!

I am adapting to it by slowly bringing it to the horses(and other animals) that are responding to it. So I am awaiting for them to show up each time I will enter a stable the coming weeks. (picture above)The first horses I encountered during my drive in Scotland’s beautifull countryside where excited and ran from a space far away in threesome to where I was standing at the gate of their prairie. Wow!

So What happened?!

A lot happened! After my gut feeling told me there was a kind of emptyness before seeing the Island in real time…an undiscriveble emptiness in fact took over my intuition. I have even doubted if had to go there cause something was off. But I knew counterforce could be the reason of it, or something was really off.

Once I got there I saw an island quite in the dark, her light and energy was dusky and it felt as no Archangel Phelyai was residing there, let alone living there. Once my husband and I set up our grid of stones on the beach across, from upon the Isle of Arran, we did feel connection was starting up. At last minute we decided to hold the ritual from Arran and not from upon Holy Isle itself. So we didn’t take the little boat to cross over the water. That’s the way it felt, and sure it did feel right! In this photo you can see how Holy Isle appears at the back and the gems in the grid up front. The Island only looks small(because of it’s missing energy), but that is only how it appears on photo at the time of it’s state of being before the manifestation. Here you can see a photo with the dusky light.

How to from a grid?

It is a complete intuitive procedure. I took along almost all my gems I had from home and felt, my husband is good in it, wich one to give it’s personal intention for this manifestation. Every stone is getting loads of new energy once it is manifesting toward it’s fullest potention. It is almost like your hands are guiding them were to be positioned.

Holy Island was responding to it.

Stay tuned in for Part 2.





Collective energy(3aug18)

Lightworker’s bubble: ‘switched-off’

(I am a not wanting to be a perfect being, so I make typing and other mistakes, time’s up for perfectionism, it time to live😀…guess you’ll understand the article).

(Channeled with the other part of Archangel Michael; the furious part that is very transformational).


We are powerful people, ALL of us! And we shouldn’t be afraid of connecting with each other! Because we have a primar lifepurpose of remembering our original state of being. And that is connecting and witdrawal needs to be balanced! Not to much of our feminine side, not to much of our masculine side. A balanced yin and yang energy. Not in a bubble dealing with the same people on a daily basis that are not transistioning our life.


Today, in the very energy of today there is a flow of fear ruling on mother earth. It tries to hold on to pain and old values everyone’s ego is dealing with. It is doing so as a result of not being able to “receive” and that impacts our climat more than most people are aware of.

As an Angel I can not change that, it’s your call. There is a Law of Free Will to be respected.

Not being able to receive is one part of our ego-system we are holding on to, not talking about the other aspects of our ego. For now I focus on the collective lack of ‘receiving’.

When we people are living out of a modus to receive we are scared of being remembered of old vows or feel the impact of trauma. But most of all we are told growing up to protect ourselves very well from harshness: it is very much damaging us if we do cause that very negative part of our ego is actually sending out first the fear in return to receive the harshness. Being afraid your sensitivity will be taken away from you. When we are putting harsh energy in observation we will experience what it is without entering it.

So today, we need ALL of us lightworkers to reach out from a place of wisdom. Not from a place of staying away in a safe bubble. That way you are not opening your soul for every aspect that crosses your world, cause lightworking is observing more than we all do usually. We must see the light in everyone to be able to have someone’s fear changed in to understanding. Why still sick, scared, lying, feeling guilty?

Why wouldn’t you be safe?

Reconsider you strenght and your power; Are those values still connected with your spiritual involvement? Or is it your giving that is causing the damage regarding self love? Are you living in a box holding on to what you have is the most safe place while you are suffering some dis-ease?

Channeled with the other part of Archangel Michael; the furious part that is very transformational.



Ego is strong:(CALL FOR MANIFESTATION to prevent flooding)

Lots of people right now are having the same egoistic experience as during a sexual intercourse. Not knowing what it is meant for, not even realizing the degree ego is burdening our self-esteem. The exact same thing is for a lot of us happening with our climat and yes it is a collective and universal responsability even though you haven’t seen it this way!

We cannot afford placing it far away from ourselves, saying mother nature is strong enough to keep us sheltered. My visions I get aren’t showing it to me this way, nature is affected by ego. Like a tree attacked by a disease.

If you live in a dry area right now you have to do the lightwork simply by keeping your thoughts positive. Many of us don’t see it cause they are living an illusion, carried away by our ego. That our sun right now is so nicely warm and comforting…

It is sad watching right now happiness comes from that point of view as an old habit. It is our time Europe, not India, not Somali, the hot climat we are creating is now all over Europe.

How it goes?

Being happy for the warmth instead of realizing how a country like India f.e. is suffering from its climat is selfish. Are you aware of that before you fall asleep?

Are you aware it is coming from a place that is called your ego? And its energy?

We must take responsability in making it green again. We can talk about Trump but dearest European friends its time to see clear what the dry weather is experiencing by the impact of your ego, our  collective and damaging ego. And that counts for more parts of our world. If not yet damaging every part of our world for a long time. Well the result of that: flooding. The foodings in Japan resently were unfortenately a example yet.

Please don’t show up with sayings as ‘we’ve been there before’, well before has been worked energetically by hardworking lichtworkers at that time. Many of us are comforting theirselves by not thinking for the good of everyone, adoring that sun we maybe don’t always get here so easily. I live in The Netherlands.

Where do you live, are you aware in how to manifest stability and harmony in that? It is by letting go of your ego and stay positive for at least 24 hours! Cause we need more light!!


The grass is not supposed to be dried out, Egypt(f.e.)has been a green place when it lived at its highest manifestation power at the time! With the result of a very green oasis of abundance. But ego took over our beautiful planet and it still is. Stop posting so fast your short-sighted messages that are only affecting attention, but delve deeper this time. Start thinking in your own highest good and manifest in an energetic way what is needed right now for every each of us. Wake up and carry your leadership and self-mastery high! Cause we are all ONE! Your are not gonna get away with it! Simply not.

I mean you must put yourself to a much higher prospective🙏, staying away from the drama.


I thank you very very much!!


Copyright photo: ad.nl





You baby makes the choice

It’s the other way around; as a baby soul we choose our parents out of free will choice. There’s a ‘universal law of Free Will Choice’ we must pass as a spirit so your personal longing to descend to earth is guaranteed from your own pureness of your soul. Entirely
your decision.baby soul
Does that make sense now in how your life has been fared so far?
You are coming from another synchronicity before ascending to earth so here the point of being given the possibility of working through karma. And you do choose to undo karmic influence!
And with that lies the freedom of responsibility no matter how difficult your choice has become in the now. In this life(while everything runs in synchronicity, at the same time, always).
Take charge to overcome your choice of complaint if this life is challenged and see the deeper meaning of initiation to that aspect. Freedom on earth is much more than we know nowadays. It is the process of any choice that makes you see clearer and clearer so you can ascend again to a next level of realization: the self that holds others codes of freedom than mirrored here on earth. So freedom lies within reach, for all of us!!
That is your life purpose!
The second step is what do you do with that code of freedom so others get inspired to do so aswell!
Thank you for sharing your intuition on this…so we can proceed to the next level by each others wisdom…
Copyright photo: 123rf.com

The way energy around you is in charge of you, or are you in charge of the energy?:


Channeled article about women and men(Goddess Isis):


 I flew above it: collective energy 29th of febr.’16



A view from above:

I can see clearly now,
many but to few indigo lights,
still wondering,
If Earth will get ready.

You are!
stand in your power,
and take guided action,
there is no time to waste,
energy is there to be
transported well!

As far as obvious
it is still a beautifull place
with Grace
so don’t be scared,
to look up strength,
Just save!

With all heart power I ask
you to do the above,
right here,right now
with heart power,
with courage ever so strong.

To all my sisters and brothers!
Counting on your power!

Love you so so much,

Sorry for the duch photo😙

copyright foto: ascentie.nl

Community: ‘The power of intuition’

Feel welcome on this new community page ‘The power of intuition’.

I only launched it so far. Now I have complete faith the New Age Energy is going to guide and take over a deeper communication level which I can only welcome.


To read more about the purpose of this community:




Divine Loyalty

To all wonderful Lightworkers; always carry your Divine Loyalty next to your earthly presence. Have a wonderful day.


powerfull lightworker


Angel message 14 sept 2015:

It is going on now…there is enough transformational energy on Earth to adjust your choice to increase your frequency.

If you choose at once, in deep faith that your own Soul light is special and indescribably powerful and you are able to let go of what no longer serves you, then you will catch the strong Gamma-Photon Light that is now located 12 hertz above our 5th Dimension level of mother Earth.


It only takes deep faith…

The Warrior-force you will feel when you tune in on this wave is a bipolar energy force. The feeling of opposite energy between pole 1= the 12-hertz frequency and pole 2= the one of our 5D Earth.

You can stand in the vortex(the eye of the storm) to stay there; don’t connect with the swirling forces around it(these are only there so all of this could be created and would be dangerous if you do so). What you feel from standing in that spot is more than enough to get your information you need to serve world peace by your Light. When you decide to meditate on this event it is necessary, and I touch your heart, to ground thoroughly. And to ground for a couple of hours afterwards!

Thank you Archangel Michaël, Isis the Goddess and the Band of Mercy.



 Un-imposed in transition…

Pending between Heaven and Earth…to fulfill the new!!!

          Un-imposed is going through a transition, meaning working toward the new about to come. A development given by the Law of Attraction is growing. A different and new direction is sensed. As you know from me I always have patience for these changes, wich you cannot fight easily as it is going along with personal growth. Today we are creating new propectives attracted by the transformation needed to grow in to the New Age(Aquarius) Time. These are coming along with challenging transformations. Anywise it is connected with personal growth. And they are still true miracles supporting anybody’s personal life providing abundance for each of us willing to accept these changes.

The Angels are the ones bringing us their inspiration as guides to help us with this endeavors and provide us with new insight’s! They are there every moment in time and they know if we are listening or paying attention to there signals in one way or another, there are amazing times coming our way. Even though we are facing challenging transformations with and for each other while these New Age energies are coming in. And in this case here they are still called miracles and so be it!! Wether you want to accept it or not. Through the way of trust and faith the Angels are providing us the abundance needed to walk our life purpose path of Enlightment even more thoroughly. The ascended masters are helping us to overcome these transitions. Calling up on them for support and keep on trusting is our call!!!

In Light and Love,




From my own life story as the author of un-imposed: New Age Psychiatry – Series: (1) Bipolar Energy

As the author of this blog I am sharing this part of my own life story to underscore the possibilities out there when combining traditional medicine with metafysical science in psychiatry. Or the one or the other. As the founder of the Therapeutenlijst(to be read in dutch only here: http://unimposed.com/therapeutenlijst/) re-inventingpsychiatryI am searching to highlight medical practices who are making it possible today to work within this combination so clients get aware of all the possibilities to be found to re-invent there selves out of the state of non-treatable. If the client wants to do so. It wasn’t easy at all to find that concept, so now I am dedicated to make an opening for your to built a panel of practitioners and doctors so you can find yours.This part of my life story, about psychiatric disease I wrote in English so I will be able to share the concept of New Age Psychiatry all over the world:




Spirituality rate: Δ psychological / ∇ indigo/∴ metaphysical

Hopefully I have done my best for you to be able to read well this first English article. If any questions please let me know and I will clarify them with pleasure!

(Rated: ∴/∇)


Manifestation report: New age challenge for indigo’s and anyone in a leadership role


Indigo’s, as you might already be aware of, you are touched again by the new portal that has descended to mother earth by the eclipse of the powerful sun and moon interaction we are in right now. And for more than 1/2 a year approximately we will feel that opportunity. We are manifesting high speed ahead throughout our planet on this very moment. So I wrote this article mainly to encourage you to stand in your power so you can become that power. As a presence healer.

By representing yourself in to that position you will feel God’s New Age energy intervene at any moment in time more intense than you did before. Stay strong, without focussing on ego based statements humankind is still outing and behaving in. People are moved by the force of such a Angelic portal, so you might not always been loved as an indigo when you are transmitting New Age Energies in to systems. Meaning as well the system of the human body and the soul.


When a soul is realizing it is going to be united with it’s highest potency it will turn into a state of resistance, and in the worse scenario it will not want to transform. Maybe not always as you would want dear sister or brother, but tomorrow it will, and if no a few years later it will remember your input of Light. As people don’t forget what we they can’t remember! We will need to wait patiently while feeling loved by God’s grace. It is the strongest love of all as we already know as indigo’s for a long time! Please remember it and feel it more than ever to comfort you in difficult times!! So here’s a reminder:

”There is no low tide after low tide, there is high tide in between”.

So you will have to have patience dear friends!

Either an indigo talk’s fast, act’s fast, think’s fast…as long he or she is guided from above there is only one way to follow. Those who were warrior’s in previous lifetimes are there born again on this planet. The earthly changes of 2015 can bring our fierceness to the surface, so you must not back down dear highly sensitive and beautiful creative soul. You are here to bring your Light to the right place every time again and again. Or to the situation God just pointed out for you. You can read that well dear indigo. To this very spot where our earth is missing light. In troubled area’s, aside people in need of transformation so there is a ability to grow. As love is transformation, it can’t yet stand on it’s own, as we might think it can! We are not ready yet as humankind to live love in it’s purest form yet. If so, the indigo will have to retire and ascent. Wouldn’t that be fun?!! Just look back on the tough endeavors you accomplished and be grateful as much as you can!! Ok ok…I know dear brother and sisters we are living life within our souls’s if it’s already healed, but I guess you will understand easily what I mean by that. Life purposes need to be for filled, and yes most of the times it is a ungrateful experience to help transforming that. But that is what the indigo mission is about!

My personal wish is that I hope people are giving in to there ego as it is already mirrored deeply and profoundly by our pioneer-indigo’s who were born in the ’50. Among them good friends and world leaders, who did make a plan for us. Generation of the ’70, let’s be as wise this time now together! We indigo’s are not standing above anything, we just walk beside you as it is our mission. Like a wild guardian Angel. Not questioning anything more than how to guide people to walk on into the Light!

Unwavered but necessary

More than ever I realise an indigo must fully commit to his or her lifepurpose. Doing so self-love will fall in to place in an unexpected way eventually, not always right away but through learnings of high wisdom. Never losing sight of it’s process to walk. Even when an indigo is behaving in the most destructive events on earth doing his or her job, it is requested to keep the faith in that fire within. Talking about the scenario’s in which people are not wanting to change, putting the ego first(by staying in old energies of guilt, victimhood,…) pushing the indigo energy aside. Nevertheless the indigo energy is pushing them forward. But I’m also talking about cleaning up dark energies and unpleasant manifestations as terror. In that situation there is an interesting fact going on; the group of unwanting-to-change souls is so much bigger than the souls fighting in terror wars, so we have quite a big transformation to accomplish to inform the world about their power to turn energies around. If you know what I mean?strongIt is mainly almost the whole world we will have to keep on touching, which is thus way bigger than the small group of terrorists. So enough Light to turn this darkness around if people are willing to make healthy wise decisions but the ego based ones. But people will have stand in their power to realize the impact of working by their free contribution. Governments aren’t enough. We need Light to fight terror. And doing so, yes we must fight with Light, as it contains 100% peace energy. Are we missing out here on wisdom and intelligence on this earth dear ladies and gentlemen, when we consider to stand still? We can’t afford it!!!!!

Put your ego concerns aside dear indigo for the sake of your own healing and start to take action!! The world needs to feel guns are over, we cannot kill and we cannot pretend we love. Love is much more than we think it is!! It is a form to be picked up by everyone of us from a more complex and unknown way. A universal way. To go even further, through the power that keeps us alive. A power that was there to be understood at birth, but we let go of it as soon as we were captured by duality. It is already in everybody of us to be understood! So we are totally safe by holding on to the fact every one of us is able to retrieve that power within in a instant. And yes people will go in to their resistance as let ting you know ‘they can’t, they won’t, but we are asked now to not give in!!

As an indigo it is difficult to explain what it means to manifest through the indigo blue light. It a process with the Divine that took for the most of us many years to establish while being on earth. To give it a little try you can see us living on warrior energies presenting the love energy that is able to heal the world, especially now as we are killing each other in the most cruel ways! The word warrior it referring to the same kind of energy Jeanne D’Arc is carrying, aswel our beloved Goddess of war Isis is carrying. The indigo soul’s of now. Reincarnated again to help save our planet. Indigo’s are invoking these powers of such ascended masters(as we call them) to reset injustice. AineThrough that deep level of faith indigo’s are able to follow their gut feelings!!! Sometimes not easy to live with an indigo, you simply will have to get to know such soul in great patience. My husband did a immense great job to get to understand me, but for many parents(as mine) it isn’t fun to be told when you are acting in a unfair way. As an indigo can’t stand twisted stories. It is maybe to the world a far-fetched version of living the unconventional way, but if we are doing the effort to understand how an indigo is operating we will be able to thrive in those energies of rectification in a very revealing way! Whether we like it or not it is there to transform your own endeavors and that of the world.

We are using only 20% of our human energetic capacity by our physical and bodily system, but we have 80% left that we still can start using here on earth. All of the negative interactions we live with are the debris to get rid of, there is a clear 80% left to transform by setting those clear intentions for the sake of your own happiness and that of the world. Are you willing to start living in such a universal way? Can you imagine if we collectively choose for the complete capacity of our far reaching energy system we all own, how we would be able to manifest are clear intentions in to action? Isn’t it to live happy in your unique way we are here for, resolving the unwanted energies? Or is ego the seducing factor you might not let go of?

Are we staying on the save side complaining how much we are sick, hurt…dealing with the wrong kind of energies of people around us(we allow to stay in it ourselves)? By deciding to go stand in your Light is exactly what the New Age Energy is about!!! Unwavered! It is so so necessary!! The more we are in a lack of truth the more we will suffer.

The fire within an indigo is way to strong to wait for closure with the world first, the world will fall in to place after an indigo blew into something or someone’s water causing the ripple effect. The effect that make things or somebody flow, transform and heal. No doubt your are always busy manifesting as an indigo, even when you sleep, even when you talk, even when you make a joke and even when you just be.

Have a powerfull and positive day everyone!

Love and Light,



Angel message for week 14 :



FIGHTING TERROR: that is how YOU do it!

Trust that terror is in all of us

If you ask me I would say we are all guilty of current terror while living on earth! As long as we can’t live in peace unless we are committed to transform our ego in to a place of holiness. That place of holiness is a place far beyond the feelings of a human being. It is a feeling of finding peace within an energy what we call universal energy. Living out of a compassionate way will not be strong enough to cope with the fear of terror today, which is found these days within a terror warrior as in ourselves. As long as that fear is living inside of us no terrorist will trust us nor listen to a system but their own. Without that Self-trust lived inside of you, you are sending out to distrust the conversation you have internally made with the person behind the terrorist or the anger and fear on those terrorists groups you might carry! Groups becoming more and more communities of live and nations if we let them to.

It is all about the collective healing of universal healing for every one and each of us. We cannot live with the illusion that it is all of us versus the terrorist. No, we all have been carrying out a form of terror in a previous lifetime, and still we are if you look at our ego that is still left inside of us. You and I will have to make a much bigger of an effort to heal our world, as we are all guilty of adding negative energy to the universal energy that is becoming wasted energy. Wasted energy or negative energy is taking course while you just been sending it out on this very moment, in case you were not aware of what you were sending out.

Here I have a simple example. Let’s say you have been walking to the supermarket and you have been complaining non stop about trivialities of every person crossing you on your way to that supermarket. Each jalous or negative thought crossing your mind has to leave your mind or it has to affect your body if you let it to live in your body(one way of how we become sick). It is all whitin that process you will have to decide whether you are willing to swap your ego for world peace or not. Not saying if you don’t do that you are somehow guilty by having that behavior, but you sure are making war not peace on our collective space we are sharing with one another, and any terrorist. If that makes you dizzy to make it a global responsability as you might of been used to your own small ego world, than think about the fact whether you wanna send out a intelligent energetic and positive universal message or the one of fear and fight. Wich makes us even to any small of big terrifying act. Wich is exactly the start of the mind-set of a future terror warrior.


Here is a dutch version of the above in case you are bilingual.


This is my call, again to be wise dear one!

Love and light,




Your Angel message for week 13:




Your Angel message for week 11:




Psychiatry exposed – vision 1: Bipolarity




2015: Why the year of the indigo?

Dear friends,


There are many reason’s why I have heard many beautiful spiritual speakers tell me it is actually the year of the indigo. I was overwhelmed considering this might be true, but aren’t we all needed in 2015? Doreen Virtue(www.angeltherapy.com) told me a few years ago not to stay in my Lightworker bubble but be the indigo I am; to go stand in my power…” as a speed-demon” I complemented. she said; ”my son is the king of the indigo’s! Her final words were, full speed ahead; ”we’re not there yet, there is work to do”! 2015 is your personal work Indigo were you will be pulled out by old energies not wanting to transform. ”O great!” I thought. ”Hasn’t karma hit enough times in my life? But if God says so: I’m inn!

So it is the old energy who makes the impossible possible for an indigo! Sometimes I feel a little lonely when especially other Lightworker’s aren’t just getting it, but on the other hand I am gratefully to go stand in my power when I put my mind to it. Than I will be using my bipolar energy to make it spin around 360′. Before I could’t handle it for too many years.

In others words God did show me how I was going to do all that! More then honored I felt to do all that in a short period of time of 3 years. So if new age energies are coming around to put on my speed-demon I simply do. Archangel Michaël is guiding me fortunately into my Indigo-light cause it isn’t a simple task. Rather it is a powerful mission! Not supported by human ego, thankfully carried by human awareness. In a kick-ass role, unappreciative.😉


Again it isn’t always the most pleasant Lightworker’s task but it is one of them. And an indigo can not always pass by an easy way of compassion but good God tremendously big time love and deep cleansing it is! A task equally as our great Archangel Michaël uses his lightning sword for cutting and cleaning etheric cords(look up ‘cutting etheric cords’ for more info) no longer needed living in full Divine mission on Earth. In my case I have chosen to heal mankind and it’s unearthly connections in a collective form. Helping this way guiding individual’s to any beautiful insight’s or solution to heal our planet. If you are ready for it to be guided to of course?! No insignificant.

Gradually I will share all my work with you in full trust of it’s purpose.

Love, Michèle




A Gift to all my readers around the world♥️

Michael en Raphael

Feel the difference between 2014 and 2015!

In case you still feel carrying ballast you would love to release please note your first name(completely anonymous) here and I will detach all of the etheric energy cords who don’t serve you no more with Archangel Michaël. Next I will heal all cut etheric cords with Archangel Raphaël.

For more info on this topic? Please let me know and I will provide you more info.

In Light and Love,


This prayer that I intuitively wrote is channelled with Archangel Chamuël.
Featured by AE Metatron.

”O Chamuël,

In your kindness I trust.
By your boundaries of love I discover my true Self.
Uncharged and healed of all ego.
Full of faith I ‘know’,
in each moment of the day and the night.
Through your beautiful Light I see clear in every situation.
I stand up and simply speak my truth with ease.
Knowing it is real.
Even thought things resist inside of me,
Divine Guidance makes me see how I transfer
everything in place!
Chamuël and Metatron are helping me instantly!”

Saying this prayer will clean your energy in contrast to what you might carry around unwanted. Repeating it daily would be ideal until your energy completely shifts.




A channel with Jesus


In the picture on the left you can see one of the Angels bringing a cross to Jezus. According to Jezus this is a sign of a crucifition to come later on in his life. In the painting Jesus is looking angry at the cross. Today He is announcing by this example in this channel that it is just not right still worshipping the cross as a symbol of evil (Jezus says).

blogJZ2‘’It is not right people to let in the energy through the intention of the symbol of evil. Worshipping the cross for ages is hurting me today. And if somebody is blessing water with the symbol of the cross, the person will get sick instead of healed. Have a closer look at our world today!! Please work with my aura of Divine Light as the source of healing power as that is my wish. The symbol of the cross keeps all Light out of churches. Have a closer look at churches without crosses and the ones with them. It is simply destroying all Light, because the cross doesn’t excist no more, it was once my karma I have chosen to let go a long time ago. Are you too today? ’’

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