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I recently started to talk about my visions how we can leave the system and that it takes but wisdom to do so. This is how short I describe it, I trust the vibe in how I received it, so I am sending it out the same way. In divine timing it will attract the people that are also ready to do so wisely and in peace, but not yet took action upon their dream. An energy that is thriving in a rather higher consciousness.

#LeavingTheSystem is first of all such a simple concept that it can feel scary to actually put things in to action. And again I am not going to use much words. It is simply grabbing, go talk about this with, your own group of friends(or creating them by showing up on this blog and saying hi) that you trust enought to leave for nature. Every each of you is having special skills in life to share, that are unique to build a well balanced life. No more money is involved here, all tools are already out there in nature for many many ages. We are abundantly provided for, but never saw it or used them!

Secondly I’ll help form new groups if you are still solo, by offering guidance when necessary. To help you connect with others.


You are welcome to let yourself hear and say hi right here on the blog in a reply or on instagram https://www.instagram.com/unimposed/

I will connect with you asking YOU to write about your insights in how you would live outside of the system. It’s all about sharing right now our creative ideas. THAT IS HOW WE WILL DEFINATELY CONNECT WITH THE RIGHT FRIENDS YET TO KNOW.


If you are a lightworker please come and say hi if this concept is received as the next target for our human race, and connect with me to form energetic support for souls that are bravely transitioning in to leaving the system.

Please let’s share wisdom, we are born to live together…remember?! We can not talk about being one and don’t walk our talk…we must WALK OUR TALK!

With Love,


SEE my INSTAGRAM – account TO THE RIGHT to see what I WRITE about it.