The Power of Intuition(Eng.)

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Purpose of this FB-community:


To be able to handle the bigger loving forces of our universe we will have to start listening to all of it’s forms, including one another here on Earth and beyond.

Over the last years I have been challenging myself to communicate through facebook-groups and more. The only valuable force I was searching for was the power of intuition. I missed the part of listening to each other. Cause by listening to each other we receive all of the information we will ever need. Even stronger, it is already transmitted if we not talk or react. And we actually move on right away with new information to walk the corridor of our Divine Life Purpose. A telepathic way is present!

This way we are feeling in silence…
by intuition…
…receiving what another being is actually leaving behind to an other human being… messaging in his or her written communication.

Whether an outing will please you or not, it is all about daring to follow respect, as we don’t need to filter our ego-based discontent. We only need to derive from our deeper wisdom, well kept in our authentic selves:

?: Are you willing to first look through the energetic field of your connection at hand?

?: Are you willing to sacrifice your ego to be able to enter that soul-connection so you can start communicating from a heart to heart level and thus a soul level?

?: Are you trusting you are receiving everything you will need at the right moment, while healing that part in you which is willing to let go of the information that is no longer bringing you service. Claiming the balance of ‘giving and taking’.


In essence:

The Intuitive Energy flow is the following:
As we are only responding in a telepathic form in
this community, by looking on a distance at what
another soul is writing, it is kindly asked to just
write your answer from the I-form. F.e.:

‘ Hi I am Michéle; I feel…’,

Love, Michèle
(or you simply start writing)

In response you only read the post(in your own
time-frame, cause that is what it is all about, there
had never been a time on earth) and
you let go of your response by thanking the
person for his of her post. Next you are simply
starting a NEW post on a new topic if that feels so.
This way you will be able to capture the essence
from the previous post as your intuition is
responding automatically. If not you already
moved on to the next moment of your life.

This form of communication will help us remember who we are because we don’t forget what we can’t remember…it is what we all have known in other synchronic lifetimes. That again is the future of the New Age Energy living already throughout our societies, as we are one with the world and the universe.

Love and Light to you and your dear ones,
connecting with you soon…as my Light is greeting yours.



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