Answer to question: ‘How to let go?’

(Every question I answer I do from my gut feelings, tuning in to the person that is giving the question to me. By the Law of Attraction you might feel drawn to it aswel, in that case the answer can be for many the same time).

To V.

🙏for your trust. I will publicize my answer on my blog in an small article so it can serve everyone.


As beings of a highsensitive nature we tend to read it all; beyond emotions but also that part of the other one that has darkness. Here comes the wisdom first of all by knowing it is not your own proper energy what your feel, but the energy of that other person that makes you feel sad, angry and so on. It easily, littarilly, hooks in to our own energetic body, and it is done before you know it. So we will have to cancel clear delete it back to the light for transmutation. I don’t know how far you are in maintaining your energy, I will share what I’ve learned walking my life path, what works fast.

Before coming to action I’d like to add that we ourselves are also letting cords hooking in f.e. when we don’t agree with someone or have a karmic relationship with the person in front of us. This is a mental attack we create for ourselves holding on to issues formed by thoughts. You can imagine when both activities come together being a sensitive person we can not control our energy household no more. Sleeping it out often doesn’t help nor getting rid of the depressive feelings(that are not even yours).

We must maintain our energy on a daily basis if we want to become a powerful highsensitive being, using it as a tool, not a burden. We can do that through cutting the hooked energy cords that were formed, best at the end of the day and during the day when needed. And it is very important so to learn ourselves not to react on everything that comes along, choosing each time what is giving us direction instead of infection.

If you are not familiar with Angelic energy, I would recommend to give it a try and feel what it does to you. Here we must be clear in our intention to declutter, speaking out still or aloud :

‘Dear Archangel Michael thank you for cutting every cord that has stopped my chakra’s to spin freely and balanced. Thank you AE Raphael to heal the cut cords in all directions of time and for rebalancing every bodily chakra. Let go and feel.

The main wisdom in letting go is to always visualize you are relinquishing control, that you no longer have to feel to control another operating from nasty ego’s. It is ego, nothing important. You can excercise this visualisation daily.

There are other ways, but in my experience Angels are powerful to do so. You can also do the same work with other tools.

Before ending I’d like to mention by knowing the skills of assertiveness for Earthangels((simply read about it on the internet you will bump in to someone who resonates with you). Assertiveness can make you very strong. It means you are handling in respect of yourself and the other person, 50% energy out 50% coming in. Even taking yoga or pilates classes are helping the body to be more in control and heal. Power training aswel. It’s up to you as our body feels different everyday. So ine day it’s yoga, one day dumbles.

Our selflove is talking to us in a flow and we must never doubt the outer world is ahead of us. It’s always the flow of life that leads, after that comes uncreative thinking by many of us. The flow is thriving in a much higher energy frequency than the ego, so we can trust that. So letting go that part in you that is no longer served by everything that comes to you, you can throw it in your imaginary basket or decide to go along with it.

Hope you may find yourself as empty as possible, always having the courage to live YOUR TRUTH!


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Indigo’s and Challenges: Q/A



On Instagram as ‘Un-imposed’

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Counterfore collective report for indigo’s: 16th Jan. ‘19

16th Jan. ‘19:

“A little better than yesterday”

As indigo’s we are sweeping away all karmic involment that is crossing our path. While doing that we will have to stay focused to live our truth, ALWAYS. Unwavering. Even when we are resting, doing this missionful purpose, we must constantly be conscious about balancing patience and action coming in at an instant, when there is work to be done.

Transformation is needed to save our planet a little more. But indigo’s are not thinking that way, cause it’s the only reason why you are here dear indigo! To turn around unpure situations and intentions . Rather NOW please!


When we get attacked by counterforce energies from others we are about to balance our own energy. As a daily maintainance. The actual energy we are carrying is very transformational, bipolar…so carried away by the pain outside energy is bringing along is easy for us to absord. The reason for that is because as starseeds we have not learned to ground, as that is not our purpose. It would of been nice though God prepared us for life on earth, but walking the experience of life itself is as fair as for everyone. If we do not adapt to the grounding the earth works with we can never work our bipolar indigo-energy to its highest potential. To manifest peace.

So today is one of the restdays, those days that must be lived in the flow of what’s needed. Of what needs to be seen in an indigo’s 3rd eye, and to be felt first before going out there again to turn pages at a fast pace. Days to be embrace in selflove, to gain the insight of embracing counterforce. Cause excactly counterforce is telling us what to do in case of what needs to be transformed, distroyed or cancelled cleared deleted. And the day(s), as yesterday, just before such a restday as today, is all about indigo’s giving back the dense energy to the light(the Angels) for transmutation. It is the energy that hooked in througout the done manifestations.

It’s all about getting to learn Archangel Michael skills to eliminate what’s no longer needed with His sword of light. To cut away the energy cords of protest, from people/situations not wanting to change for the better. One to one, or while performing collective energy work.

Your questions are very welcome,


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New Age Psychiatry:

Personal story

My own personal story has learned me through actually healing a dis-ease, the disease isn’t a disease at all. It’s been 20 years now that I dealed with the fact I was never going to heal, that I had a disease that I must accept. But I’m an indigo I don’t accept things that easily, I need an explanation on a wise level…but in that case it didn’t come. Science agreed to tell me I was sick. So for many years I felt sick until I could start to feel in 2010 that I needed my bipolar energy itself for a whole different reason. A reason that I could not share yet with science today.

It was about the reason and source/origin of bipolar energy. Called manic depression. To realize that it is healing energy after all.

To make this post as short as possible I will explain my vision on psychiatry in a few sentences starting of with source energy(bipolar energy) that runs through us all. It is the same energy as: (mani)festation energy, narcissistic energy(there is always yang when there is yin), psychotic energy,…In other words an energy that is very fierceful and God-like, but aswel an energy that can be unbalanced. A new term would be indigo-energy.

In psychiatry there are many souls suffering to control their energy household, to the point a doctor is only trying to control it with medicines. But that is not enough, in my own experience I felt that when I can use my manifestation energy by first grounding it I could not only become free of the fact it was kept in my body, I also could start to feel my highsensitivity was in use. It turned out to be more than trying to protect myself from outer unwanted energies.

photo: (via unsplash)

A crucial insight

At the end I started to manifest with my bipolar energy so healing could occur within myself, aswel could the world heal by it. This combination together with my medicine lithium (a stonesalt that is taken from dried out prehistoric sea)is a match seen the energetic work I do now.

Now every day I am ready to work with very high Angelic realms, dragon-energy, unicorn-energy to perform with as a lightworker. One of my expertise is working as an energetic horsewhisperer. So without the lithium I would not be able(because of the high frequency my own energy must deal with doing so) I wouldn’t be able to ground enought implementing my bipolar energy to pass on for healing. On both the animals/people or collective transmission of energy.

To actual heal a complete soul we must help as practitioners to guide someone’s energies first so psychological resolutions(mental auric field)can be solved, not the other way around. Same counts with bodily or fysical healing(1st auric level).


Seeing the last scientific research we are starting to change our DNA by injections to renew DNA…unfortunately we don’t heal on a deep level that way, we only bring in karmic energy from cells that are not our own. A process of recurring karmic pain is activated; in that case content of other human beings. This is a huge problem if we are not aware yet of what energy transmission is doing. To explain it a bit clearer, it like bombs, we throw them with a incomplete pure intention, but what did it do to the environment? Fysical(1st auric field), emotional(2nd auric field), mental(3rd auric field) and karmic(4th auric field)?


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Counterfore collective report for indigo’s:

Yesterday 10th of Jan. ‘19 – an indigo’s challenge

(Today on the 11th of Jan. ‘19:

A sigh of healing and results of manifestations)

When working with indigo-energy there is alot to work through concerning manifestating on an energy level. For the simple reason there is alot going wrong in our world seen and unseen. Not every indigo is yet aware of this clean-up task for renewal, and is now trying to figure out why it is so hard. Being a experienced indigo, I can tell, it remains handling with wisdom every time we are working with the dark. A source as powerful as the light.

The reason is we can get intertwined with counterforce in unforseen and unwanted ways if we do not repair our personal energy household.

Today on the very 10th of January 2019 counterforce energy feels like a reaction on our manifestations we have finished recently. Take inventory of all the actions you might of hold in (un)conscious ways and you’ll remember how busy you were. In what you’ve said, mirrored quietly or by just being. It’s not your fault, indigo’s are constantly swiping away the narcissistic ego of the collective universal energy. Never to forget we are most of the time there by just being and our light is operating 24/24. Isn’t that couragious?

This report learns us we must get through these kind of days as today, by going back in to selflove, fun and relaxing ourselves back to our yin-energy after the indigo-yang-actions we’ve made.

Thank you so much for doing your work indigo, you are loved for it immensely! You might underestemate even how powerfull you are! Now it is time, again and again, to feel this yourself! That you are loved aswel by yourself for doing so dear lov(n)ely warrior!🙏🙋🏻‍♀️

(Continue reading post above…)

The feeling of these kind of recovery days only seem exhausting. Now it’s about clean clean clean your energy, rebalance your bipolar(more about this term will follow)energy you have used during manifestation. It’s about reconnecting with your Angels and guides again now. Your fysical friends can enter again when you are ready. Now it’s about your favorite music, being creative and artistic through your hands f.e., move your body(stretching at home or yin-yoga are crucial). Eventually these feelings go away once you decide not forcing to repair your energy, while embracing counterforce for showing you what to do in the dark will make the difference to be a master warrior. Trying to see humans again for the light they are, they aren’t the ego, they grasp themselves to ego in lack of self-respect. You have helped by removing ego…and that causes the attack you receive, a psychic attack. The good work you did for the world pays off when an indigo knows ‘that is the way it goes’; much slower than the fast operational indigo-brain. Pfff what a wait sometimes 😉!

If in need of an indigo friend, please join my meeting group I will soon be announcing in a secret FB-group. A place were you can be save and fierceful at the same time. A group that will be formed naturally with the intention of keeping it small and powerful so we can share and manifest on a high vibrational level working for the world as indigo-warriors. I don’t feel much for FB, that is why I make it secret, but it is the only option I am aware of for now.

Ps. If you want to be invited please contact me through a chat-message(‘pls add me to secret group’)


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What we don’t consider when we feel drained and nothing seems to cure it:

Along the way to wisdom we have lived by thought-processes formed by our role models whom’s generations weren’t aware of energy levels we can sense in our auric field. Aswel on the emotional, mental and karmic level besides our bodily level. Our body is only showing there is something wrong, so medical science hasn’t reach complete cures(yet) since there is no complete approach skipping we are a 100% energy. Pushing away what we can’t see with our fysical eye.

And certainly not when we’ve experienced a psychic attack. Although we can heal ‘ourselves’, always.

A psychic attack feels like an overdose of negative energy sucking our being. It means YOU aren’t the one feeling bad, you have only allowed in SOMEONE ELSE’S ENERGY that didn’t resonate with your personal energy needs. In that case you will need to adjust your chakra system and ground yourself again. Of course there are many ways to cure it but it starts with the attacked spot on our body-shield that is operated by our thyroid glant. (In dutch in a fact ‘schild’klier; unconciously named so by medical science and yet everything happens for a reason😉).


Every chakra wheel can manually been turned to the right and left. A simple movement with the hand can do so; turn to close, turn to open. Make a wheel on the chakra -wheel. Feel how far you open or close. In case of a psychic attack you will have to close the inflow of the negative energy that attacked you on the back of your neck from where your thyroid glant is effected by. Together with your 2nd chakra(your safety zone) and your 3rd chakra(just below the navel, your overall power center that is regulating the inflow of your interaction with others. When collapsed both with an attack on the thyroid glant and the 2nd and 3rd chakra we basically feel unprotected by our energetic shield. Same story with our collective shield is the protection of our world, performed by the Ozon layer. There are beautiful articles throughout the internet on healing all of your energy levels. Read what resonates. That also count for animal healing.

The power we own

I hope you can feel that we are one matrix with each other deciding every fraction of a second whether we allow someone in or not. But when it goes by itself and you haven’t daily mastered your protective energy level you might suffer from karmic evolment attacking your energy system. Here you can fix your own power, no doctor will guide you yet but focussing on the body’s symptoms.

And there is one more factor I will talk about later on…we will aswell need to cut the energy cords that are hooking in to our chakra system energetically. Here we will be working with even higher level; a higher dimensional energy frequency than our own.

Finding yourself confused in the middle of a traffic jam in pain, un-earthed and dissociated falling in to psychosis with several of our chakra’s collapsed…is not at all our life purpose. That is the reason psychiatry isn’t coming up with cures, there is no affinity yet there to work our energetic body.

Photo: Alasdair Elmes(by Unsplash)

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Healing art

This is my ‘healing ART’ for sale, it simply helps you heal.

See it filmed and more info:

Love, Michèle

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